UTM Series Appliances

Labris UTM Series Appliances offer unified protection against complex and evolving threats by integrating network security, web and email security. Labris UTM provides the highest level of protection against viruses, worms, trojans, spyware and intrusions while delivering enterprise-levels of network performance with ultimate hardware performance. Labris UTM Web Security provides further control to block inappropriate and illegal web sites as well as instant messaging and peer-to-peer applications while Labris UTM Application Intelligence and Control broadens control over inefficient web applications such as social media platforms (Facebook, twitter, etc.), online trading, IM/chat, peer-to-peer sharing and streaming video sites. Labris Email Security completes the offering with effective protection against spam and phishing attacks so employees only read legitimate emails and are not exposed to fake emails. Labris UTM multiple link and multiple site connectivity using link load balancing, VPN, SD-WAN technologies. Labris UTM’s intelligent solutions simplify the centralized management of local and remote network services while protecting your precious information and communications resources with low TCO.