Message from the Chairman of the Board

Hello with pride and excitement as first chairman of the board of GTENT Global Telecom and Integrated Technologies Incorporated...

GTENT has launch out by 10 investor companies which are stakeholders of End to End 5G Communication Network at 2018.

I would like to express with pleasure that many companies operating in the telecom sector in our region demonstrate the success of product development and commercialization at international standards. Today, besides the domestic market, our companies that export high value added telecom products to many countries from Central Asia to North America make us proud. However, that success does not seem satisfactory when we consider the potential of our companies. Of course, competing with world’s giant brands is not an easy matter, and much more possible with the agile software world of 5G.

I believe that the goals of many of our companies operating in the field of telecom are similar; developing high quality products, exporting, being a well-known brand worldwide. However, to be realistic, we need to make serious investments as companies, to shape our organization accordingly, and to increase our capacity and competence. When we evaluate the current conditions, it seems quite difficult for us to reach these targets separately as companies. We can achieve these goals together with the idea of an agile company, where our telecommunication companies invest, are organized in accordance with the requirements of the age, and that develop solutions not only for our country but also for global needs. Here GTENT set out to achieve this goal...

GTENT is not only a company focused on certain telecom products or 5G technology production, but a global company that aims to cover all areas in the telecom industry; An organization that can serve the widest range of products. A new and energetic brand.

With the flexible partnership structure of GTENT Telekom in the coming days, I can already say that we will evolve into a company model where all our local telecom manufacturer companies that are members of the Communication Technologies Cluster (HTK) can find a place for themselves, become investors, and offer their products in domestic and international markets with their GTENT global brand.

With Love and Hope...

GTENT Global Telecom and Integrated Technologies Incorporated
Chairman of the Board