IMS is an IP-based digital network that complies with 3GPP standards, which is required to offer voice and multimedia services to subscribers in 4G and 5G communication networks. In 4G, IP-based voice transfer is defined under the heading VoLTE and IMS is added under the heading VoLTE. The prerequisite for providing voice, messaging and video services is the development of IMS infrastructure and IMS services built on it. The presence of VoLTE-based IMS systems is a common way to make voice, message and video calls between mobile operators. With IMS, subscribers of voice-based secondary services can be offered with the TAS (Telephony Application Server) system that can work integrated with IMS. As an integrated product, IMS & TAS offers significant benefits to mobile operators with lower costs, faster time to market, multiple vendor support, standard open interfaces, innovative multimedia services and many modern features.

GTENT IMS & TAS network product has been developed by GTENT to offer a wide range of services, especially audio and video communication services over 4G and 5G packet switched data networks based on VoLTE / VoNR technologies, and complies with 3GPP standards and specifications. The product has been designed in a technical architecture built entirely on IP connection, and IMS services can be offered with an “access independent” feature over any IP communication network. The service offered to the subscribers can be provided at the committed quality level and a secure communication is provided. In addition to interoperability with other mobile operator IMS systems, GTENT IMS & TAS offers pricing and international roaming support.