HARPP (DDOS Mitigator)

Scalable product line developed on DDI™ (DeepDDoSInspection) Technology is ready to meet your needs. You can quickly start to investigate by how “Cyber Warfare Intelligence™” works for your business. Harpp DDoS Mitigator’s DDI™ (Deep DDoS Inspection) Technology is designed to be your intelligent shield against DDoS attacks with Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) capabilities. By its best of the breed anomaly engine with heuristic and non-heuristic algorithms supported by 34+ data sensors and innovative proportions feature based on historical data collections and timely averages, unpredictable DDoS traffics can be detected on real-time for cleaning. Harpp DDoS Mitigator is the first level of protection of your network against cyber attacks keeping you online and ensuring business continuity with minimal investment.