5G Core Network

“Core Network” is the system responsible for the control of the mobile communication infrastructure and, while performing many critical technical functions, it basically manages the mobile subscribers’ access, connection and mobility to the network, enabling the subscriber to utilize the data service and use the network resources in the most efficient way.

The transformation and innovations that started in parallel with the development of telecommunication and information technologies, especially the 4G Core Network (EPC), continued increasingly in the 5G Core Network (5GC) architecture.

Compatible with 3GPP Release 15, “GTENT 5G Core Network” is designed in accordance with Service Based Architecture (SBA), and it has advanced architectural and technical features such as control layer (CP) and user layer (UP) separation, operability in virtualization environment (NFVi), central subscriber data management, ability to provide data that 3rd party applications may need from the network and network slicing.