Mission Critical Systems

Mission Critical Services are special telecommunication systems that are used extensively especially in the fields related to public, railways and maritime security. It is designed as a system that aims to perform the classic radio system functions that only transmit push-to-talk audio, from the infrastructure of 4G and 5G communication system and over standard 4G-5G mobile phones, and also brings the radio communication functionality to voice, video and data transmission.

These systems can be used by police, fire brigade, medical and army personnel to minimize the loss of lives and property in various crisis and disaster situations, and to solve all communication needs between institutions. Mission-critical systems provide the highest quality communication in audio, video and data formats, allowing the relevant unit to respond effectively and in coordination. Unlike normal voice, video and data services, mission-critical systems receive the highest priority from communication network resources, which provides the fastest, reliable and quality communication.

Mission-Critical Systems are used in strategic facilities such as oil refineries, mines, ports, oil exploration centers, power generation facilities and factories in parallel with the development of private mobile networks. In addition, some Tier-1 mobile operators have started to offer these services to their individual and corporate customers in order to meet their critical communication needs with high quality and without interruption.