vTEM Virtual Element Management System (EMS) for 5G New Radio and Radiolink network equipment will manage each system separately or all and will instantly transmit all information collected as FCAPS to the OSS layer of the mobile operator.

GTENT vTEM allows the O&M user to monitor and manage the entire 5G network.

The necessity of 5G networks to sit on virtual environment (NFV) has become clear all over the world. Virtual network functions (VNF) are used to perform virtualization functions as well as to create network services (NS) in the created virtual environment. Since the main purpose is to manage NS VNFs, EMS itself is positioned as a VNF in the same environment.

Just as EMS manages each network service, an EMS can also manage multiple network functions. General approach of GTENT is to manage all VNFs with a single EMS. Interfaces and communication protocols between virtual environment managers VNF Manager and vTEM & BSS are also supported within EMS.