PRODUCTSSmart applications, products and infrastructure that contribute to the digitization process compatible with 5G.

Radio Link

Radio Link is a system that provides fast and safe communication only between electromagnetic waves between two points. Radio Link systems offer you a faster communication service and increase reliability to very high levels.

5G New Radio

It is a new air interface developed for 5G. An air interface is the radio frequency portion of the circuit between the mobile device and the active base station. It is based on optimized flexible OFDM waveforms and multiple access techniques.

5G Baseband Unit

The 5G Baseband Unit is the most critical component of the 5G Base Station. As GTENT, we offer a competitive 5G Baseband Unit that can only be developed by a few major global companies and it is far superior to standard products.

5G Core Network

“Core Network” is the central system responsible for the control of the mobile communication infrastructure and handles many critical technical functions, managing the access, connection and mobility of the mobile subscriber to and within the network, enabling the subscriber to utilize various data services, while using the network resources efficiently.

What will change in business and consumer life with 5G?

Faster and reliable communication, control power,
remote access and smart applications.


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